Artist Boombox: poster of concerts 2021

Билеты Festival Atlas Weekend 2021
07 july 14:00 wednesday
Festival Atlas Weekend 2021
Билеты Boombox
05 march 20:00 friday
Билеты Boombox
06 march 20:00 saturday


ns. In autumn the project publishes a mini-collection "Trimay". The song "ta4to" began to be broadcast on popular radio stations in Moscow.

A video was also filmed for the single.

After some time, the group became interested in the recording organizations of Russia. The collective entered into an agreement with the company "Monolit", which in the summer of 2008 led to the release of the two above-mentioned Russian music collections "Melomania" and "Family Business".

In the winter of 2009, a joint collection with the DJ from Kiev Tonique was released, which consisted of eleven remixes of the old popular songs of the group.

Also, the disc has a remarkable bonus - the English-language track "Сome Around".

In 2010, at the beginning of summer in the Crystal Hall in Kiev, the next collection "All Inclusive" was presented, which included two new hits, two cover versions, and old tracks of the project.

A year later, in the fall, the band released their fourth collection in Ukrainian - "Seredniy Vik", which the guys soon published in the form of a vinyl record.

In 2013, the team presented a new collection "Terminal B".

The musicians themselves decided to create it due to the fact that they often travel, they have constant flights. The tracks were recorded when the Boombox members were at the Ukrainian airport in this terminal.

The themes of the compositions are completely different, but one mood. There are songs from the early works of the project. The album can be purchased as vinyl.

The group still has a huge number of admirers and loyal fans who are happy to listen to their tracks and look forward to new achievements. For all fans of the Boombox group, the official website gives a complete picture of the team's activities, as well as plans for the future. Most of the compositions of the "Boombox" band can also be listened to online on the official website www.